Saturday, January 10, 2009

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Hello All,
This blog is for my web page -
It covers all names within my page.
Write a note; send a picture.
Cousin Bill [William Goodchild]

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  1. I recently began researching my family ancestry and only have the names of some of my parents relatives. My mother's father was Russell Player from Inwood, NY. His father was James Player and his mother was Augusta Ketchum and I saw their names listed on your family tree list of names. My grandfather moved to Youngstown, Ohio, which is where I am still living. I remember that he had 13 brothers and sisters and when I was little girl 2 of his brothers would visit occasionally. However, I don't really know much more and would like to try and find out more about them. Any help you can give me I would really appreciate. Thanks, Laura Wakeford